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Who we are

We are a part of Cascata de Luxo, LDA – a company with the real estate license of Portugal, focused on buying and selling property for international clients. 

Our team members are dedicated to their work and always do their best while fulfilling the requests of our clients. We speak 🇬🇧 🇵🇹 🇺🇦 🇷🇺  

With us, you’ll get the best residential property available on the market without the hassle of seeing dozens of listings.

By buying real estate with us, you will receive turnkey support for the transaction without long searches, legal complications, and bureaucratic delays.

And also, we will show you why the purchase of the properties listed by us is an excellent investment opportunity and, in general, profitable – because it will allow you to preserve and increase your capital.

We will find the best view and planning of a villa that will meet all your preferences.

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Only with us will you receive a unique service in a convenient messenger format.

All questions relating to purchasing you will solve in one window, reducing the transaction period and significantly saving your time.

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You send us all the necessary documents by WhatsApp or Telegram; your account manager is in touch 24/7 and connects the essential specialists, depending on the task for:

➡️ Solving legal, financial, tax, and accounting issues;
➡️ Preparation for a getting a mortgage at the bank;
➡️ Organization and participation in negotiations with representatives of sellers, architects, builders, etc;
➡️ Organization of viewings and detailed analysis of neighborhoods, from analysis of market dynamics and prospects, to availability of schools and supermarkets.  

And if you doubt whether you will be comfortable with the proposed format, just look at this: not so long ago, we analyzed 74 cases of expats buying property in Portugal. 50% are our deals, and 50% are our colleagues’ and partners’.

As it turned out, the transactions carried out with our help were, on average, 2.5 times faster compared to similar deals with colleagues.

Why? The answer is simple – the principle of a single window closes all the client’s needs in purchasing real estate.

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An example of Jules: 

He bought two apartments – the first, a year ago, for his family, without our involvement. He bought the second apartment this spring – for his elderly parents, already with our help.

In the first case, from the start to the end of the transaction, it took six weeks. When working with us, the entire process, from the phone call to us, the necessary consultations, preparation of everything required, to the final signature, took only thirteen days.

And in doing so, Jules only had to send us all the documents necessary to prepare the deal once, and we organized the rest. By his admission, it was much easier and more comfortable than dealing with several people simultaneously – a broker, a lawyer, an accountant, etc. So be like Jules – value your time, come to us!

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And one more important point

You may think that working directly with the developer – is a good idea and, for some reason, will be more profitable…

But look, first of all, to find out the current information (and preferably quickly) on the availability of apartments or villas, just by coming, as a customer, from outside – almost unrealistic.

And secondly, you will probably also need legal support for the transaction, independent expertise on the area, advice on taxes, the correct accounting of the transaction, possibly assistance in obtaining a mortgage, applying for a residence permit, help in organizing your daily life, etc…

It is doubtful the developer will give you all this; moreover, they probably will not offer what you need but what they need to sell. So it is unlikely there is something to gain. So please, contact us directly – you will get everything in one window without overpaying!

Why buy with us

  • Tax benefits

    We know how you can legally obtain tax benefits when buying and selling property. Save thousands with this knowledge!

  • Morgage with less comission

    If you’re going to get a mortgage - we’ll get you covered! And again, we know how you can save thousands of euros on commission when obtaining a mortgage, and we will definitely show you how!

  • Portuguese residency

    If you need Portuguese residencу - we’ll help you to get one! Even without the need for Golden Visa if you want to live in Portugal!

  • Amentities for kids

    Looking for schools or kindergartens? And here we are - to provide you with the best options and arrange all the meetings!

  • Home personnel

    Need a driver, a cook, or a maid - you can also count on us! Best personnel on the market for the needs of our clients!

  • Fast support

    Reliable and fast support on all sorts of questions! We use WhatsApp and Telegram for fast communication. Also, you can reach us by email or tel. We move things the quickest way possible in such a “slow” country, Portugal.😄

  • Bonus

    And an exclusive bonus while moving into your new home - believe us, you’ll be surprised!

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We play on your side and let you save tons of money!

If you are interested in this property, which is selling rapidly, act NOW! There are only a few apartments left in each project, and the market is 🔥🔥🔥HOT! 🔥🔥🔥

Our service is a unique proposition on the market! We focus our efforts on saving you as much as possible while buying your dream-home in Portugal.

One more time, here’s what you’ll get:

✅ Help with tax planning regarding buying and selling property that will save you thousands

✅ Help with obtaining the Portuguese residency – no Golden Visa needed!

✅ Help to get a mortgage on the best possible terms and save thousands on commission

✅ Help with schools and kindergartens for kids

✅ Help with personnel


🏎 Fast support ❤️ Exclusive bonus!

🏎 Fast support
❤️ Exclusive bonus!
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