The Alcantara area is located along the Tagus River, where you can enjoy walks along the promenade and pleasant sea breeze. Now the area is being actively built up and restored. Over the past 5 years, the value of real estate here has doubled.
Alcantra is the perfect mix of local and foreign, traditional and trendy, with plenty of space and great views of the bridge.

Alcântara has a perfect mix of local & foreign, traditional & trendy, there's space as streets are larger than in other neighborhoods. It has beautiful views of the bridge and you can reach the river in less than 10min walking. It's also perfect for commuting to other areas of Lisbon avoiding the traffic, either by car through Monsanto (North, Cascais) or to the city center.

There’s a big number of new projects being developed which will definitely make Alcantara even more attractive and will lead to real estate prices rising in the future.