The Frame
The Frame, an exquisite gated community, offers a lifestyle that embodies well-being, activity, and sustainability. With the sun as a constant companion and the sea as a breathtaking backdrop, this luxurious haven graces the extensive Cascais coastline on Rua Narcisa Sousa Graça.
Comprising four elegant villas, each with either three-plus-one or four-plus-one bedrooms, The Frame presents an enchanting panorama of the azure sea.

A leisurely stroll away from the sandy shores, The Frame was thoughtfully designed to harmonize with the historic splendor of its pristine surroundings.

It harmoniously fuses contemporary aesthetics with a timeless essence, adding a new chapter to the legacy of beach chalet architecture that defines the Estoril and Cascais region.
property type: villa
Positioned in Estoril, nestled between Cascais, Sintra, and Lisbon, The Frame captures the invigorating sea breeze while benefiting from its close proximity to the city.

This development offers an unparalleled quality of life, embracing the allure of the Cascais coastline, including its pristine beaches, world-class golf courses, historic villages, and a vibrant cultural scene.

Residing in The Frame means living adjacent to iconic landmarks within one of the coastline's most influential locales, including Poça Beach, the Tamariz Oceanic Swimming Pool, Estoril Garden, Estoril Casino, Garret Pastry Shop, and the InterContinental Cascais

Additional Information:
  • T4+1
  • Area: 351 m2
  • Outdoor area: 150 m2
  • Price: 3 100 000 €
This development caters to those who seek aesthetic resonance in their daily lives — a haven for those who view life through an original lens. It's a prime destination that strikes the perfect balance, offering proximity to everything while keeping one's feet firmly rooted in the sea's embrace.